Hidden treats at Gwel an Mor

We had some unexpected visitors today at Gwel an Mor.  Friends from another hotel decided to pay us a visit and have a look at what we have to offer here at our site in Portreath.

We chatted about lodges, the swimming pool, the amazing views and the tranquil atmosphere.  As we talked we agreed the perfect holiday comes down to a few simple things that make guests know that they are important to us.

In short, the little things.

They may not cost money, they may seem incidental, but they are there making sure your holiday is heaven.

So with this in mind we put together a list of our staffs’ favourite things.  The bits you might have missed.

Gwel an Mor Eggs – suggested by Georgie, PR Manager


If you are lucky you can grab yourself half a dozen free range eggs at Feadon Farm.  They are colourful, tasty and at £1 a really holiday bargain.  You can even thank the chickens yourself as they strut their stuff a few hundred yards away.

The Herb Garden – suggested by Tracey, Reception & Revenues Manager


In the centre of the Gwel an Mor site is a herb garden stocked full with all you could need to spice up your cooking.  From mint to fennel you can help yourself to add a dash of flavour to your evening meal.  As our lodges are self catering you can’t remember everything from the kitchen cupboard, but you can rest assured that we have this one covered for you.

The Sea Field – suggested by Liz Marketing Manager


Through the woods and over the stream is a hidden spot that is well worth a visit on a sunny afternoon.  The Sea Field is small but perfect, with spectacular views across Portreath bay and a picnic bench just right for soaking up the sun.  The peace of the spot chases all the stresses and strains of modern life away in your own private piece of Gwel heaven.

Buckets and spaces – Help yourself!  - suggest by Emma, Receptionist


A family holiday would not be complete with a trip to the beach – but disaster you’ve forgotten your bucket and spade!  Well never fear you’ll find plenty at Gwel an Mor.  Help yourself to a bucket, spade and even some sand moulds and head to the beach.

Tapas – suggested by Liz, Events Manager

GAM Food-67 GAM Food-72

The Terrace at Gwel an Mor is already riding high on a fantastic reputation – but have you tried the tapas?  Chef Joe is originally from Spain, so to say tapas is his passion would be an understatement.  Choose from a mouth-watering selection, or pick a sharing board.  The restaurant is open to locals and guests alike, so grab your friends and enjoy some tapas as the sun sets over the sea. Glorious .

Now that we have shared our favourites you’ll have to seek them all out when you next visit, but until then, what are your favourite things about Gwel an Mor?

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Busy day on the farm

You can tell it is almost summer here at Gwel an Mor when there are more animals that you can shake a stick at!

You can’t have failed to see all the lovely press on our adorable new rescue fox Forrest Stump. If you haven’t heard of him, let me recap. Forrest was brought to our ranger Gary Zammit having been found at four weeks old, cold and alone in a puddle in field in Newquay. Forrest had had his tail ripped off, presumably by another animal. He was taken by a lovely tourist to the nearest vet who, of course, called Gary.

Forrest the Fox is still going from strength to strength.

Forrest the Fox is still going from strength to strength.

After much care, support and around the clock care, Forrest has bounced back to health; he’s had a little help along the way from his best friend Barney.

Barney himself has a rather unusual story – he was discovered in the barn at Feadon Farm two years ago, just before Christmas. Here’s the twist. Barney is also missing his tail.

It was instant love with the pair and now they happily spend hours playing together. Forrest is due to join his new big brothers and sister, Todd, Copper and Meadow in the next few weeks – you’ll be able to see him on our wildlife experiences.


Forrest is growing at an alarming rate and will soon be old enough to meet his new brothers and sister.

Forrest is growing at an alarming rate and will soon be old enough to meet his new brothers and sister.

Watch a video of Forrest here

But there have been even more new temporary ‘residents’ joining us over the past few days. Two rooks, two blue tit chicks, a barn owl baby and, fingers crossed, one of our hedgehogs, Spiny Norma might also be pregnant! As you can imagine, life is rather busy in the Zammit household.

Gary has been hand-feeding a blue-tit chick that was brought to the farm having been rescued from the clutches of a cat. Fortunately the bird was in overall good health, but now has to stay at the farm until it is strong enough to join a new family. Gary will be taking the fledging down to the woods soon to release it near another nest where it is hoped that a new blue tit family will adopt the little fella.

A short time later, another blue tit also had a narrow escape from a feline foe and ended up at Feadon Farm – he too awaits release when he is ready to fly the nest.

Just one of the tiny blue tit chicks that was saved from the clutches of a cat.

Just one of the tiny blue tit chicks that was saved from the clutches of a cat.

It was thought for a little while that Rodney, our tame rook, would be getting a new friend or two with the arrival of two crows, but fortunately the pair of cheeky (and noisy) birds soon proved to be in perfect health and so will be released very soon.

Alyson with Rodney the rook, who was please to find he'll still be the only bird 'on the farm'.

Alyson with Rodney the rook, who was pleased to find he’ll still be the only bird ‘on the farm’.

Vigilance and an important message is also being spread this week through the local media as a barn owl was brought to the farm by a local runner. He spotted the very poorly bird by the roadside and brought it straight to Gary.

The bird was covered in cooking oil that made it impossible for the bird to fly, hunt or keep warm. Sadly it died less than ten minutes after it was brought in. You can see the full story here, but please be warned it is not for the faint-hearted.

Finally a second owlet was brought to the farm last week, also discovered by a runner. This little chap was thought to be injured, but in fact he was ok, unfortunately the well-meaning member of the public did not leave their name or an idea of where the owl was found. As there was nothing wrong with the bird it could have been returned to its home had a location been known.

Tawny owls leave the nest before they can fly and the mother will carry on feeding them, this often leads to people mistakenly believing that they have been abandoned. The owl has now been handed to the Cornish Bird of Prey Centre (www.cornishbirdsofprey.co.uk) who will continue to care for it and then release it.

So when we say it’s been a busy day on the farm, we’re not kidding!

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Do you bring ALL of your family on holiday?

When planning a family holiday there are plenty of things to think about. Plane or boat? Sunshine or snow? Home or abroad?

When it comes to taking your pets on holiday the choices get limited. But pets are family after all, so why include them when planning your holiday?

Here at Gwel an Mor we’re used to our visitors bringing their families to stay, we even provide a range of yummy (or so we’re told) dog treats for our four-legged guests when they arrive. So when we had a request for an extra special visitor, the answer was “Why not?”

The Morling family from Sidmouth bring their two pets whenever they visit – Maisy the dog loves the glorious beaches, the stunning woods, and the wide open spaces. Kevin just loves to travel, stretch his wings and see the sights. Yes, Kevin is a budgie, a budgie that likes style.

There are not many five-star lodge resorts that welcome birds, but as long as they are well behaved they are welcome here. Well, we say well behaved, Kevin has a slight potty mouth, but a visit from the Morlings would just not be the same without him.
See for us Kevin is just another example of our customer – we want to make his stay special, we also want to teach him to say Gwel an Mor, but that’s another matter.

We have special lodges allocated which are animal friendly so don’t forget to let us know who you are bringing and we’ll add them to the guest list.

Cornwall is a top class tourist destination – or should that be top flight? We have beauty, scenery and we’re on the doorstep of the UK making short family breaks a joy and a longer getaway a reality, no matter your budgie… er budget.

Peter Morling at Gwel an Mor near Portreath, Cornwall, with his 8 year old budgie Kevin who he always takes on holiday with his family. Picture by Colin Higgs

Peter Morling at Gwel an Mor near Portreath, Cornwall, with his 8 year old budgie Kevin who he always takes on holiday with his family. Picture by Colin Higgs

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Looking for a family restaurant in Cornwall? Try the Terrace at Gwel an Mor Resort

A family restaurant in Cornwall can be a tricky thing to find. You want somewhere with delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere, little extras to keep the kids occupied and of course, great value children’s dishes that don’t scrimp on quality.

If you’re looking for a family restaurant in Cornwall that ticks all these boxes and more, look no further than the Terrace Restaurant at Gwel an Mor Resort in Portreath. With a new Executive Head Chef at the helm, stunning sea views over the Atlantic, a bright and airy ambience and an exciting Mediterranean-inspired menu, this is one Cornish family restaurant that delivers on all fronts.

The Terrace is a family restaurant led by Joe Lado Devesa, a Spanish-born Executive Head Chef who has previously worked with Jean-Christophe Novelli and at the Tate Modern in London. Now at this family restaurant in Cornwall, Joe has created an innovative new menu, featuring plenty of Cornish produce, fresh fish and seafood and authentic tapas inspired by his Spanish heritage.

As well as the new main menu, Joe has designed new lunch and children’s menus, incorporating the same high quality, locally-sourced produce. Not only that, younger diners are kept amused by family table trivia and activity sheets themed around our Feadon Farm Wildlife and Conservation Centre. As part of the family-friendly holiday resort, Gwel an Mor, we pride the Terrace on being a real family restaurant in Cornwall, from the food to the atmosphere, the service to the take away, available to both residents of the holiday lodges and Cornish residents alike. The Terrace family restaurant in Cornwall provides delicious, homemade pizzas for take away, to be delivered to the lodges on site or available for local collection.

Cornish scallops with Chorizo, Puy Lentils and Lemon Oil at family restaurant in Cornwall, The Terrace

Cornish scallops with Chorizo, Puy Lentils and Lemon Oil at family restaurant in Cornwall, The Terrace

The Terrace family restaurant in Cornwall, see the menu here: http://www.gwelanmor.com/assets/file/Terrace-Main-Menu-2014.pdf

Find out more about the Terrace Restaurant, Cornwall here: http://www.gwelanmor.com/restaurant.html

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February half term in Cornwall; a great escape

Quality time with your family is precious, so when February half term rolls around you want to ensure that you have somewhere special to spend time together.

Getting away for half term in Cornwall is the perfect way to give everyone a break, especially to a place that has something for the whole family. It can be difficult to really enjoy time together at home, when household chores, work and the daily grind can all interfere with the family’s rest and relaxation, so spending half term in Cornwall can be the ideal solution.

Why not escape to Cornwall for half term, to your own five star luxury holiday lodge in the heart of a resort designed to put a smile on the faces of the whole family, even the four-legged members?

February half term in Cornwall

Hit the pool with your family at Gwel an Mor for a great February half term in Cornwall.

We think that Gwel an Mor Resort has all you and your family need for a memorable half term in Cornwall, from truly unique family-friendly wildlife activities at our own Feadon Farm Wildlife Centre, a warm indoor pool and fitness centre, onsite restaurant and bar, cycle hire and tennis courts, and even two stunning spa treatment rooms for more grown up indulgences.

And if you book now, you can spend this February half term in Cornwall with us for a really fantastic rate and bring along your pet along for free too!

Click here to find out more about our offers for February half term in Cornwall.

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The perfect place for a happy New Year; Cornwall

If you don’t fancy the same old night in front of the TV or expensive night on the town, where’s best to see in the start of a brand new year? Cornwall, of course!

Getting away at New Year is a fantastic and memorable way to end one year and start another, it gives you a chance to reflect on the ups and downs of the year gone past and plan bigger and better things for the one to come. And where better to ruminate on your hopes for the new year?

Cornwall at New Year is a real hideaway. While the magic of Christmas is still in the air, much of the busy festive whirlwind has calmed down a far more peaceful, reflective pace.

Cold, crisp days can be spent taking bracing winter walks along the coast or in the woods and countryside, there’s plenty of seasonal, hearty food to savour and chilly nights are best enjoyed snuggled under a blanket or in a bubbling hot tub under the stars. If this sounds like your idea of a fabulous new year, Cornwall is the destination for you.

New Year in Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Lodges

New Year in Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Lodges

So break the cycle and treat yourself to a new year to remember in Cornwall this year. At Gwel an Mor, we think New Year in Cornwall should be all about peace and quiet, quality time and luxury, three things you’ll find here at new year. You’re free to spend your new year in Cornwall however you choose, with a cosy five star lodge to call home.

Think New Year in Cornwall, think Gwel an Mor.

Click here for more information about Cornwall for New Year at Gwel an Mor.

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Nature’s larder: discover food foraging in Cornwall

With the right guidance, it’s possible to unearth a wealth of natural and surprisingly delicious edible plants all around us. For those in the know, food foraging can open up a whole new world of tastes and recipe ideas, and what better place to learn than Cornwall?

Food foraging in Cornwall is a great way to spend an afternoon, giving you a chance to explore some of the beautiful Cornish countryside and learn about edible plants at the same time.

Food Foraging in Cornwall

Food Foraging in Cornwall

Local food forager and wild food guide Rachel Lambert is a fountain of knowledge on food foraging in Cornwall and can show you a large variety of edible plants, pointers on how to identify them, which parts to eat and even suggest recipes.

Rachel is hosting food foraging walks in Cornwall from here at Gwel an Mor this October and November, and having been on one ourselves, we can safely say you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find! These food foraging walks are open to our residents here at Gwel an Mor as well as members of the public.

Not only can you see some of our beautiful woodland and countryside, Rachel will share her secrets of food foraging and edible plants. We guarantee you’ll never look at the hedgerows the same way again!

Please note that our food foraging walks in Cornwall are carried out completely under Rachel’s guidance. We would never recommend picking and eating plants without the guidance of an expert in food foraging, as this could be dangerous.

Click here for more information on food foraging in Cornwall. To book one of our food foraging walks in Cornwall, please call us on 01209 842354.

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Hot tub heaven: Lodges with hot tubs, Cornwall

When it comes to self catering holiday must-haves, lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall must come pretty close to the top.

According to a survey quoted in the Telegraph this month, one in ten homes in the country now has a hot tub. It seems unlikely, but whether this statistic is true or not, the need for lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall is keener than ever.

And it’s not hard to understand why, there can’t be many things more relaxing than sinking up to your neck into a warm, bubbling hot tub on your lodge’s own open-air private deck under the stars.

Lodges with hot tubs, Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Resort

Lodges with hot tubs, Cornwall at Gwel an Mor Luxury Resort

Lodges with hot tubs are also the perfect place to catch up after a long day’s holidaying, with no television to distract and a little too much watery peril to risk using the mobile phone. There’s no limit to when you can indulge at a lodge with a hot tub in Cornwall; a dip in the depths of winter is just as enjoyable as a soak in summer, morning, noon, or starry night.

And then there’s the health benefits; spending time in your lodge hot tub is known to alleviate the symptoms of a bad back and even arthritis.

Lodges in Cornwall with hot tubs are in short supply but at Gwel an Mor, we think we have the perfect set up. Each of our five star VIP, VIP Deluxe and Residence eco-lodges has its own private hot tub tucked away on a spacious deck, bubbling away and ready whenever you are.

For more information about our lodges with hot tubs, Cornwall, click here: http://www.gwelanmor.com/accommodation.html

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Cornwall breaks, September style

For many Cornwall natives, late summer and early autumn is the part of the year they look forward to most.

The days are still long and light, the weather is still warm and best of all, the hustle and bustle of the busy summer holidays have given way to a less hectic, more relaxing vibe.

A holiday in September is a great choice for anyone looking for a late summer break in Cornwall, with its balmy temperatures and plentiful space on the beaches. Cornwall breaks in September are all about slowing down and making time for some serious R&R.

There is also a host of local events taking place in September in Cornwall, including Newquay Fish Festival, the World Bellyboard Championships at Chapel Porth, near St Agnes and Cornwall Food and Drink Festival in Truro. Festivities in September in Cornwall often have a ‘foodie’ theme, with the emphasis on gathering in the harvest and celebrating traditional methods of food production and cookery.

Gwel an Mor's luxury lodges are an ideal escape for a September break in Cornwall.

Gwel an Mor’s luxury lodges are an ideal escape for a September break in Cornwall.

The luxury holiday lodges at Gwel an Mor are an ideal base for Cornwall holidays in September, complete with spectacular sea views, bubbling hot tubs and private decking areas and all the finishing touches you could wish for from your home from home. There’s even a log burner so you can enjoy those September evenings well into the night.

Each lodge has been designed to make relaxation the top priority, so your September break in Cornwall can be a real escape from the norm. And with September late deals in Cornwall like ours, why wait? www.gwelanmor.com/holiday-offers.html

For more information about our accommodation, click here: www.gwelanmor.com/accommodation

To check availability, please call us on 01209 842354 or click here: www.gwelanmor.com/book-form

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Get away from it all with last minute holidays in Cornwall

These days we all seem to live such busy lives that it can be hard to plan in a holiday in Cornwall the way we once did.

Ever-changing schedules and commitments may mean that you can’t plan your holiday until it’s just around the corner, and that’s where last minute holidays in Cornwall come in.

The beauty of last minute holidays in Cornwall is that you can just book and go; hop in the car or on the train and you’re there. Unlike going abroad, booking a last minute break in Cornwall doesn’t have to mean lots of complicated travel plans.

Of course the weather plays its part too, and although Cornwall is fabulous in any weather, having the sunshine undoubtedly makes a huge difference. When we’re lucky enough to have the weather on our side, taking to the water is one of the best ways to see the county, and cool down at the same time! Take some inspiration for your last minute holiday in Cornwall with this video from Visit Cornwall:

At Gwel an Mor, each of our holiday lodges has its own dedicated parking space and our local train station is just a short taxi ride away, so getting to your last minute break in Cornwall couldn’t be easier.

Although there’s no guarantee of last minute availability in Cornwall, if you’re willing to wait there can often be some fantastic last minute holiday offers available. Then it’s just a matter of days until you can set off on your way to Cornwall for your last minute break, with its golden beaches, quaint fishing villages and woodland walks.

After all, what could be better than booking a last minute holiday in Cornwall and not having to wait for it to come around?

You and your family could be enjoying a last minute holiday in Cornwall

To see if Gwel an Mor currently has last minute availability, please click here:

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