Where is Santa in Cornwall?

As the month of December draws near, once again children from all over the world are becoming increasingly excited as the Christmas holiday approaches.  Their thoughts are turning to the presents they hope to receive and whether their behaviour throughout the year has made them deserving of these gifts they long for so much!
The most magical method of letting him know if they have been ‘naughty or nice’ is of course to see the big man himself, face to face in his grotto.

This year he has made his way from Lapland right down to Pastyland! That’s right Santa’s  in Cornwall accompanied by two of his trusty reindeer- Nadelik and Lowen (Merry and Christmas in Cornish).
But ‘where abouts is Santa in Cornwall…?!’ I hear you ask…


Perhaps trying his hand at surfing in Newquay? Enjoying a cream tea in a typically quaint Cornish tearoom? Or walking off all those mince pies along a coastal trail?
Nope…guess again. He is staying at the 5 Star luxury resort that is know as ‘Gwel an Mor’ situated in the small  fishing village of Portreath. He is spending the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of December 2012 in the best santa’s grotto in Cornwall yet, at the resort’s charming ‘Celebration of Christmas Event’ a local festivity not to be missed.

Yes Father Christmas is in Cornwall for a whole weekend! Available to meet with his reindeer and other animals at the resorts wonderful farm (pre booking essential). He even has his sleigh with him (how else would he make it all the way here?-We all know how long the A30 can take!) ready for children and their parents to climb in for photographs of the day.

Each child will meet the nativity stable animals (a little different from the traditional ones but even more cute), pet the friendly reindeer brothers and receive a luxury gift from Santa himself.

As well as this there will Christmas decoration making and face painting, as well as an array of other Christmas themed craft activities.

Prefer traditional to tacky? Then this ones for you…the best Father Christmas grotto in Cornwall.  So book this date in your diary parents, give them an experience they will treasure for years and come and enjoy the day with us.

View more details on the Celebration of Christmas event, along with pre booking details, bookmark this page!

Hope to see you there, and remember to bring your Christmas wishlist!

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The Beauty of the Barn; venue for weddings in Cornwall

The popularity of barn venues for weddings in Cornwall has had a recent surge and for more and more couples wedding barn venues are becoming the top choice.

The beauty of barn venues for weddings, as more couples are discovering, is that you can create your own backdrop against a fairly neutral background in a party barn venue. A clash of colours with the bridesmaids dresses or floral wallpaper that is not to your taste is not a worry when you choose a barn venue for weddings or parties.

The neutral backdrop allows free reign to create your own unique setting in your wedding barn venue meaning you can make a huge impression with carefully positioned floral displays, table decorations, balloons, chair covers and more.

Wedding barn venues in Cornwall in particular also have the added benefit of invariably being set in the most beautiful rural scenery as barn venues for parties in Cornwall have usually been adapted from original farm buildings.

The unique charm and atmosphere our party barn venue in Cornwall offers is extremely hard to beat. It’s intimate and romantic feel is the perfect setting for your big day. If you are about to start looking for your wedding venue in Cornwall or are getting tired of seeing venues that just don’t match your expectations take a look at our barn venue for weddings. Cornwall is a beautiful location and our party barn venue gives you the freedom to let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Click here for more information on our barn venue for weddings and parties

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Spa Weekend in Cornwall; Bubble of Bliss

Work, deadlines, play dates…these constant pulls of daily life mean many people find it hard to sit still and truly relax. Indulgence is important however and now and then an escape from reality is essential, one of the best ways to do this is a spa pamper day & Cornwall is the natural place to do so.

We all know the luxury of the ‘holiday bubble’; that time when you’re satisfied in the knowledge you are temporarily detached from the hustle and bustle of your normal world, easily re-created on a spa break. Cornwall spa breaks have that extra appeal to one you may take in a large city.  Pamper breaks in Cornwall mean adopting a slower pace of life during your time here and city life will become a distant blur while you’re enjoying your pamper weekend in Cornwall.

The Cornish sea air, the quiet woodlands, the rugged coastlines, the sound of the waves, the sand beneath your toes…all of this and more makes Cornwall a naturally relaxing place, combined with the luxury of a spa weekend package, Cornwall is the obvious choice for sheer relaxation.

Our society now has gone from working to live to living to work and as a result many people find it hard to relax and take stock of their lives. Not knowing how to ‘stop and smell the roses’ anymore can be a flaw we are all guilty of at times and all it takes is a few days away, a spa weekend in Cornwall perhaps, to give you that opportunity.

Remember the balance between work and play is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle, time dedicated solely to you to unwind is essential to recharge those batteries, a pamper break in Cornwall could be just the ticket.

See details of our spa at our luxury holiday resort here.

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Your Wedding Venue in Cornwall, Your Style


South West wedding venues are a plenty, from hotels to manor houses, many of which already have their own unique style, a style which may not always coincide with yours…

Whether its floral wallpaper that is not to your taste, or curtain fabric that will clash with your colour scheme, finding a large wedding venue in Cornwall that can be flexible and  adapt to suit your individual requirements is not easy.

Sound familiar? What you want when looking through the best wedding venues in Cornwall for you, is a versatile blank canvas enabling you to get creative and put your personal stamp on the day.

The neutral backdrop of an elegant marquee lining allows you to do this and twinkling fairy lights and dramatic chandeliers add true sparkle to this stunning alternative wedding venue in Cornwall. All fitted within a charming wooden clad barn, means weather restrictions don’t need a second thought.

Our events barn at Gwel an Mor is the ultimate large wedding venue in Cornwall that  gives you the freedom to get imaginative and inject your own individual style into this wedding venue in Cornwall.

A theme makes a wedding more personal and unique themed weddings are becoming more popular as brides and grooms want to make a statement with their wedding day.

The options really are endless, we would love to hear your themed wedding ideas,  here are a few to get you going…

Shabby chick
Las Vegas style
Colour themed
Winter wonderland
Traditional Barn dance style
Beach themed
Rustic country style

For more ideas see – Top 30 Wedding Ideas

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Planning Xmas 2012? Breaks in Cornwall complete with real reindeer!

Lowen and Nadelik (Merry and Christmas in Cornish) our handsome reindeer brothers are already preparing for Christmas breaks in Cornwall 2012 when they need to be looking their very best, as children here at the resort will get the chance to get up close to the reindeer and give them lots of fuss and attention during their Xmas short breaks in Cornwall 2012 ; an experience they will treasure for years. The boys preparation includes growing their antlers which will be at their fullest around the festive period and malting their fur to allow the Summer coats of velvet come through, these will thicken up in time for Winter keeping them toasty warm as the colder period of Christmas breaks in.

Cornwall 2012 will also see the arrival of the big man himself, yes that’s right Father Christmas will be enjoying his very own pre Christmas break in Cornwall 2012 in December before his very busy night.

There is loads going on all over the county too over the Christmas and New years break in Cornwall 2012, here are some ideas for you…

No 1 has to be our own “Celebration of Christmas Festival” where for one weekend only you can meet Santa (pre-booking is essential). There is also:

Montol Festival
Mousehole Lights
Eden Project Ice Skating
Fowey Christmas Market
Padstow Christmas Festival
Truro’s City of Lights Parade
Eden Project’s ‘A Time for Gifts’
Truro’s Victorian Christmas Market

Keep an eye on our events page for updates on more things to do during your Xmas short break in Cornwall 2012 or New Years short break in Cornwall 2012.

Visit our Christmas breaks in Cornwall 2012 page or check availability.

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Memories of Summer holidays in Cornwall? 2012; the year to make many more…

Ice cream drips, deckchair stripes, buckets and spades, crashing waves…that’s got to be family Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012… Result; you falling love with this county and creating those lasting memories to treasure forever during your luxury Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012.

The time spent on holidays is the most precious time of all with the people that mean everything in the world to you. So what’s the best thing about luxury Summer breaks in Cornwall 2012 other than actually being on them…? The memories that are created from them of course, that will always stay with you.

Looking back on past Cornish holidays, below are a few from my memory bank, I’m sure many of you will share similar ones. Never been to Cornwall? Then come and create some during your family Summer breaks in Cornwall 2012.

Exploring rock pools
Sand in my shoes
Wave chasing in the shoreline
Sun-creamed faces
Exploring pristine coves and valleys
Tree climbing in sun dappled forests
Fish and chips supper with a coastline view
Freckly faces from a day in the sunshine
Crabbing in the harbour
Hide and seek in the dunes
Making a ‘sand boat’
Cheap foam body boards from the local beach shop- hours of fun
Visiting picturesque fishing villages
The best night sleep after all that sea air!

We want to hear all about your Cornish memories, experiences or even just what springs to mind when ‘Cornwall’ is mentioned whether it’s our legendary pasties or stunning coastlines, so feel free to leave your comments and I wish you all wonderful memory- making family Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012.

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Looking for a luxury alternative to Centre Parcs?

Are you a faithful centre parcs visitor… unsure about trying somewhere like centre parcs but not the real thing? You love staying in a wooden lodge with the family, in a beautiful location, taking things at your own chosen pace with the added benefit of an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities on your doorstep?

I can understand why, it does all sound very appealing and we all know once you have found somewhere you love to holiday there can be a reluctance to try anywhere new and a centre parcs alternative can sound like a risk.

The time spent on holidays is the most precious of all, so you want to feel assured your centre parcs alternative in the UK is the right choice.

Like centre parcs, Gwel an Mor has self catering wooden lodges, but that’s where the difference ends, Gwel an Mor’s Lodges are nothing less than 5 star and some of the most luxurious accommodation in Cornwall

So much more than simply a holiday park like centre parcs, location is always crucial, how does a stunning sea view grab you and being surrounded by beautiful green countryside? And only a few minutes walk to a stunning sandy beach.

Similar to centre parcs activities are a plenty from wildlife activities, cycle hire, tennis courts, rock climbing, zip wire or the nearby surf school and horse riding to name a few.  Fantastic facilities on site include indoor heated pool, gym, sauna steam room, hot tub, restaurant and our brand new well being spa.

Thinking this alternative to centre parcs is sounding great already? I haven’t even scratched the surface…

We might not have the status acquired by big branding and national advertising but more often than not it’s the smaller players that come out on top, with our brand of personal service that will make all the difference on your alternative to centre parcs holiday.

Just see all the awards we have won!

It’s time to break the routine of booking the same holiday year on year, want a break like  centre parcs, but where you will have superb accommodation, and where you’ll find a hospitality team that really care about you?  Give Gwel an Mor a chance, take the plunge and discover this hidden gem in Cornwall.

Book your Lodge Holiday.

Alternatively, if you would like more information on Gwel an Mor’s accommodation & facilities call 01209 842 354, email enquiries@gwelanmor.com – or fill in our easy to use enquiry form.

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May holiday in Cornwall to appreciate that weather from the outside not the office chair? Yes please!

If you are going to enjoy a May short break in Cornwall then you will more than likely be enjoying it in the sunniest place in the UK at this time of year.

It’s true glorious sunshine in this county has been consistent year on year and at any point during your May holiday in Cornwall there is a 45-50% chance of it being very sunny (http://www.weather-months.com).  As well as these facts ask any locals and they will always tell you a May holiday in Cornwall will almost certainly reward you with the better weather reaching higher temperatures than a later Summer one.

This year the welcomed long weekend break comes early on the 7th with the arrival of the May bank holiday. Cornwall is buzzing on this weekend, with so much to see and do. So here are a few ideas to plan your May bank holiday break in Cornwall around and any other May holidays in Cornwall for those of you who fancy a quieter period…

1st May
Padstow May Day
4th-18th May
Finn Festival, Falmouth
5th-12th May
St Ives Literature Festival
8th May
Helston Flora Day
9th-20th May
Daphne du Maurier Festival
19th May
Olympic Torch Relay

And some beautiful spots to discover during your May short break in Cornwall…

St Ives
The Lizard
Isles of Scilly

St Mawes
St Agnes

As the month progresses, the length of the daylight hours becomes very long, and it won’t get totally dark outside before 10pm on many days in late May. What a perfect period for those late barbeques on the beach, evening surf sessions or just cheeky vino’s in the hot tub (see our VIP lodges).

I know when I’ll be taking my annual leave this year, a May holiday in Cornwall it is, I’m just lucky it’s all on my doorstep! It could be on yours too…literally….http://www.ecoholidaylodges.com/

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Endless list of why she deserves a Mothers Day Short Break? Cornwall it is this year.


Out of 365 days, surely she deserves spoiling much more than just once a year on a single mothers day? Short break in Cornwall for 3 nights surrounded by beautiful countryside so she can truly relax, sound more like it? We thought so…

The Oxford dictionary defines a mother to be ‘A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth’ but we all know it takes a lot more to earn this sacred title than that alone.

So if your planning a mothers day short break UK or abroad this year to show her just how special she is, then we want to know all those things she has done for you as a child and as an adult that make you love her even more. Big or small they all add up to make her deserve this mother’s day short break and your love all year round.

Here are a few of our own to get you started…

‘Used to cut the crusts off my sandwiches in my packed lunch’

‘Brings my dinner on a tray to me when I’m poorly’

‘Buys me Christmas pants (every year without fail!)’

‘Always has a shoulder for me to cry on (mostly over boys)’

‘Most patient shopping partner’

‘Still makes the best cup of tea ever’

‘Puts a blanket over me when I fall asleep watching TV on the sofa’

Check out our great deals for mothers day short breaks in Cornwall in March here
Check out our special mothers day afternoon here

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What can I do during my Easter Break? Cornwall has it covered

Spring is in the air and fast approaching are the Easter holidays. Cornwall comes alive earlier than most at this time of year due to its mild climate, evidence can be seen in our spectacular gardens and hedgerows. Snowdrops emerge from their winter sleep and the fields are a blaze with daffodils.

As much as we would all love to think this beautiful landscape alone is enough to keep the little ones entertained for the duration of their  Easter break in Cornwall,  realistically we all know that the wonders of a coastal walk, playing ‘chicken’ in the shoreline or hide and seek in the woods will only last so long! Thankfully Cornwall not only has an abundance of natural beauty spots to discover but also has an abundance of great events going on too, perfect to plan your Easter Short Break in Cornwall around this year.

Easter Events Cornwall 2012

Music Easter Festival, Church of St Endelientra
31st March-14th April

Art in the City, Truro
31st March-14th April

Easter Egg Trail, Paradise Park
31st March- 15th April

Trereife Easter Food & Craft Fair, Trereife Park
6th-9th April

Titanic the Musical, Minack Theatre
6th-14th April

Gweek Food & Craft Fair, Gweek Village Hall
9th April

Hunt the Easter Bunny, Flambards
9th April

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Open Garden Day, Poldowrian Garden
12th April

Storytelling & Workshops, Eden Project
Throughout holidays

As well as these Easter events in Cornwall, here at Gwel an Mor we are doing our very own Easter Egg Hunt, a big hit with children every year who enjoy an Easter Break in Cornwall with us, details can be found here.

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