One of those hidden gems in Cornwall

Nestled under rugged coastline, this small secluded sandy beach on the North coast of Cornwall boasts natural beauty, it’s one of those secret spots in Cornwall that never fails to impress.

Once at the edge of the cliff peer down and prepare to be taken back by the splendour that lies before you.  After the initial pathway fades, it is a fair tricky trek down to this secret cove so care must be taken, although a rope half way down does lend a helping hand.

As this place is so secluded, very few are aware of it, for this reason the first time you go, as I did, you might feel like an intruder discovering a hidden island (especially if there are folk already down there). However this just adds to the experience and if respected this spot will welcome you back time and time again.

The day can swiftly pass in a number of ways here by enjoying a snorkel around the rocks, reading a book in the afternoon sun, having a surf if the tide is right, or simply just by lapping up the feeling of exclusivity that this spot offers you

Of course it goes without saying, a picnic must be packed if it’s a full day your planning on, as thankfully a bustling beach café can not be found here for miles!

Even if you feel the ramble down is too much, you need not miss out. The astounding view of this secret spot in Cornwall means it can still be appreciated from above. Just a few steps down presents you with a flattened area amongst the grassy knolls, perfect to layout that picnic blanket out on and take it all in.

The thing I love the most about this place is its sheer modesty; it’s in no tourist guides or on any postcards, it’s not commercialised in the slightest and its infamous innate presence makes it all the more appealing.

From the old piece of weathered rope that someone once thoughtfully placed half way down the cliff, offering assistance to those select few, to the seldom swum inviting sea, this spot truly is a small slice of paradise.

Known to us as ‘the secret spot’ this place, I am sure will be enjoyed by my family generation for many years to come, perhaps it can be too by yours.

We think it’s these secret places in Cornwall, these hidden gems in Cornwall, these effortlessly stunning places in Cornwall that really make it a truly beautiful county.

Where is special to you and your family in Cornwall? We would love to hear about it – and if you’re luck I may just tell you where my hidden gem is…

Other “Hidden” Cornwall Gems

  • Golitha Falls
  • Luxulyan valley
  • Polridmouth Beach
  • Chapel Porth Beach
  • Zennor Church
  • Caerhays Castle
  • The Hurlers


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4 Responses to One of those hidden gems in Cornwall

  1. Jo Bryan says:

    I so want to sit in your spot there with my family.
    We go each year and despite people saying its busy we always manange to find a quiet spot. Chapel Porth and all the caves, bliss, Bedruthan is a favorite hardly anybody on an amazing beach.
    Another is Durgan beach always a starfish.
    Then a little beach just up from Maenporth, called Nansidwell, not really on the map, with lots of rockpools and sealife.
    If you go to Kynance which is busy but walk towars Lizard another beach about half a mile up with a few brave people who will go down the stairs, but mostly deserted.

  2. UK Travel says:

    We went there on our last visit to Gwel an Mor, and had a lovely picnic with that exact view. We also called in at Bedruthan Steps on our way back home – it was a lovely sunny day, but not that busy, so truly stunning.

  3. Kayleen says:

    Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knwdolege?!

  4. cate says:

    Hi, your little bit of paradise sounds exactly the kind of place that me and my little family love to spend out time. Please,please please share your little hidden gem with us – we will keep it quiet and cherrish it as you do! We are a very peaceful and nature-loving family who seek out unspoilt, hidden beaches. Our latest little gem was Lansallos cove, where we camped at the National trust campsite this Easter. We are trying to find a hidden gem in a different part of Cornwall so would be really gratefull if you would share it with us. Warm regards, Cate

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