Memories of Summer holidays in Cornwall? 2012; the year to make many more…

Ice cream drips, deckchair stripes, buckets and spades, crashing waves…that’s got to be family Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012… Result; you falling love with this county and creating those lasting memories to treasure forever during your luxury Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012.

The time spent on holidays is the most precious time of all with the people that mean everything in the world to you. So what’s the best thing about luxury Summer breaks in Cornwall 2012 other than actually being on them…? The memories that are created from them of course, that will always stay with you.

Looking back on past Cornish holidays, below are a few from my memory bank, I’m sure many of you will share similar ones. Never been to Cornwall? Then come and create some during your family Summer breaks in Cornwall 2012.

Exploring rock pools
Sand in my shoes
Wave chasing in the shoreline
Sun-creamed faces
Exploring pristine coves and valleys
Tree climbing in sun dappled forests
Fish and chips supper with a coastline view
Freckly faces from a day in the sunshine
Crabbing in the harbour
Hide and seek in the dunes
Making a ‘sand boat’
Cheap foam body boards from the local beach shop- hours of fun
Visiting picturesque fishing villages
The best night sleep after all that sea air!

We want to hear all about your Cornish memories, experiences or even just what springs to mind when ‘Cornwall’ is mentioned whether it’s our legendary pasties or stunning coastlines, so feel free to leave your comments and I wish you all wonderful memory- making family Summer holidays in Cornwall 2012.

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