Relaxation top priority during your UK Short Break?

Plan to stay UK? Short break experiences can be different for everyone, recognising that we all want that certain something from our time away…

This week the key word is relaxation, and a mini break can be the best way to achieving it.

For some, after a busy stressful week at work, its pure relaxation that’s important.  Unplugging the phone line,  ignoring the door bell and playing hibernation in the house is all very good in theory but we all know to well it never works out quite as planned. A mini break away however will really hit the spot.

In my opinion Cornwall’s pace can not fail to relax you from the moment you step foot in the county…making it the perfect place to spend a UK short break of this nature. A few suggestions may also help to find the way to pure relaxation Cornwall style…

A quiet swim with views of countryside, a delicious traditional cream tea in the afternoon, perhaps a spot of fishing on the coast, some pampering with a hot stone massage, a glass of wine on the balcony with views of the Atlantic, watching the last of the surfers at Godrevy beach as the sun begins to set, being wined and dined at Jamie Oliver’s fifteen restaurant or an evening star watching from the comfort of your own jacuzzi…

Feel more relaxed already…?

View our short breaks.

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