Get away from it all with last minute holidays in Cornwall

These days we all seem to live such busy lives that it can be hard to plan in a holiday in Cornwall the way we once did.

Ever-changing schedules and commitments may mean that you can’t plan your holiday until it’s just around the corner, and that’s where last minute holidays in Cornwall come in.

The beauty of last minute holidays in Cornwall is that you can just book and go; hop in the car or on the train and you’re there. Unlike going abroad, booking a last minute break in Cornwall doesn’t have to mean lots of complicated travel plans.

Of course the weather plays its part too, and although Cornwall is fabulous in any weather, having the sunshine undoubtedly makes a huge difference. When we’re lucky enough to have the weather on our side, taking to the water is one of the best ways to see the county, and cool down at the same time! Take some inspiration for your last minute holiday in Cornwall with this video from Visit Cornwall:

At Gwel an Mor, each of our holiday lodges has its own dedicated parking space and our local train station is just a short taxi ride away, so getting to your last minute break in Cornwall couldn’t be easier.

Although there’s no guarantee of last minute availability in Cornwall, if you’re willing to wait there can often be some fantastic last minute holiday offers available. Then it’s just a matter of days until you can set off on your way to Cornwall for your last minute break, with its golden beaches, quaint fishing villages and woodland walks.

After all, what could be better than booking a last minute holiday in Cornwall and not having to wait for it to come around?

You and your family could be enjoying a last minute holiday in Cornwall

To see if Gwel an Mor currently has last minute availability, please click here:

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